Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Co-operative Ghanaian Milk Chocolate with Toffee and Sea Salt

This chocolate of 89% milk chocolate to 10% toffee and 1% sea salt creates a perfectly balanced flavour

The Co-op having all their Truly Irresistible label chocolate Fairtrade is something to respect, it certificates that those who grow the cocoa beans are receiving fair prices for their crops. And for this particular bar of chocolate, it's the Kuapa Kokoo organisation in Ghana!

A light aroma, nothing too stimulating. This milk chocolate was of 34% cocoa solids

A soft melt slowly separates the toffee crystals from the chocolate. The sea salt suddenly sparking as the palate clears, creating a beautiful sweetness. Then with my second bite (and so on) I was much more aware of the salt, having a greater taste as I'd crack up the toffee pieces with my teeth. Salt in chocolate never fails to amaze me, just how it can bring out this sweetness; a sweetness that would not have been appreciated if that salt wasn't there

As I came to the end of each bite it irritated me that I could not put my finger on what this chocolate tasted like! But after my eureka moment, I believed it to be similar in taste to the Daim bar though 1000 times better

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