Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Georgia Ramon Philippinen 80%

I met Georg Bernadini when judging at the Academy of Chocolate. Throughout the 2 days he gave me his chocolate to try and handed me four bars. A very friendly guy, who is serious about chocolate

Firstly the Philppinen chocolate. It was made with Filipino cacao, raw cane sugar, and cocoa butter. I like how it is made clear that the 80% cocoa solids is NOT 100% Filipino, instead maybe 94% of the 80% is [from the Philippines]
The aroma was fruity, chilli, hummus, wood, olives

There was bitterness in taste to begin, it was like sucking on cocoa powder (texture too). It calmed down and opened to soft flavours of hummus and baba ganoush, chilli spice, mushroom. Squidgy foods align well with the creamy-ish melt. There was an acidity of fruity flavours which COULD be found. The flavour returned to cocoa, finishing with toastiness

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