Saturday, 23 April 2016

Blanxart Milk Chocolate with Caramelised Seeds

Blanxart, the Barcelona chocolate maker, is no stranger to me. This packaging, however, is. The plastic wrapping allows the display of the chocolate, which is very pretty, although it does prove to be difficult to 'use' (to open and to get the chocolate out). High aesthetic value, low ergonomic value ... something like that

The chocolate felt almost greasy to touch. The mouth texture was gummy. The aniseed and sesame were excellent flavours when they would sing through, they were very distinct and concentrated 

I feel this chocolate should take on Hotel Chocolat's mantra of "more cocoa, less sugar". There should have been more of a chocolate flavour, it lacked cocoa notes and was just so sweet. A richer chocolate (i.e more cocoa mass) would have really complemented the caramelised seeds

The caramelised seeds were excellent, the chocolate itself unfortunately let them down. Like a pizza that has bomb toppings, but an abominable base ... something like that

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