Monday, 25 April 2016

Georgia Ramon Carolina Reaper 70%

This is an evil chocolate. I cannot keep that conclusion until the end. There are few warnings on the back packaging, "for true gourmet masochists", "no right to exist" etc. 

This bean to bar 70% dark chocolate is a blend of cacao from Dominican Republic and Ghana

I like how Georgia Ramon chocolate gives the grinding time (in this case 24 hours) and conching time (of 8 hours) because of the all important distinguish of grinding and conching

Amongst the organic cacao and raw cane sugar there is 0.3% Carolina Chili, and pain. The Carolina Reaper is the hottest chili in the world
Apart from that chili, it's really awesome chocolate. The taste OF THE CHOCOLATE is incredible, it's very chocolate, toasty, complex. But then there's the chili that blows the head away, eyes on the verge of tears, clearing of the sinuses

A very special chocolate 

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