Friday, 12 June 2015

Zotter Labooko Congo 68%

As Africa, regarding its cocoa, is associated with "bulk cocoa", when an African country gives its name to a single origin chocolate bar, I can understand why some may be skeptical

Zotter does a 17 hour conche for these Congo beans, of which derive from a 1km altitude, adding raw cane sugar, cocoa butter and a touch of salt
The aroma was roasted, smoked, blackberry, blueberry, sour, a familiar weirdness (I always think this particular smell in chocolate is piss), spiced, a little bit nutty

The mouth texture was satin, beautifully smooth, though occasionally maybe too buttery. The flavour started roasted and smokey, opening up the sweetness (of which resonates from now on), blueberry, sourness bursts in, the roast lingers and finishes, the finish is very clean. This structure was consistent, the middle flavours making me think 'a dark chocolate, blueberry, Greek yogurt/sour cream smoothie' - distinctly that sourness to it. There is a taste of banana along with the creaminess of banana present

UPDATE 27.7 - the flavour was predominately *chocolate* 

An impressive chocolate from these highland cocoa beans, the microclimate may have done them wonders

Piquant and tangy: if, like me, that's what you're in to, then you'd really enjoy this chocolate. One thing I didn't like was the heavy roast, but Zotter is an excellent chocolate maker so thankfully the roast didn't distract away from the wonderful flavour of the beans (unlike Willie's chocolate often does...)

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