Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Amedei, For You

Now, I believe that these 'For You' bars are almost Amedei's 'Toscano' range. They have the same names i.e. White, Brown, Nut Brown; and they too have the same cocoa percentages. However, there are some explicit differences: these 'For You' bars had skimmed milk as well as whole milk, whereas the Toscanos just have whole milk; the For You packaging looks and is inferior to the Toscano; but what's more is that the For You bars are 70g and nearly half the price of the Toscanos, of which are 50g!

ps. Amedei are Italian, high quality, highly acclaimed, pure excellence bean-to-bar chocolate makers

29% cocoa solids, no emulsifier. The aroma was a typical white chocolate. The taste was vanilla, a little bit nutty, cloyingly sweet, very dairy (occasionally like cheese), and then a cloying finish. My first attempt at this chocolate left me thinking: how can people say "I love white chocolate". But honestly, it wasn't bad, just nothing special

An aroma somewhat nutty (felt tainted), vanilla, cocoa mass, coconut. Considering it was just 32% cocoa solids, and there being more sugar, milk and cocoa butter than cocoa mass... the taste was unusually strong on the cocoa front. It was very chocolatey, still very sweet, rich toffee, vanilla fudge; yes, very sweet. Very intense for a milk chocolate, but I still prefer Green & Black's 37%
Nut Brown
A Gianduja bar made from Tonda Gentile Trilobata hazelnuts, 32% milk chocolate and almonds. The smell was hazelnut, salt & vinegar crisps, gherkin, glue - very unattractive. The first taste hadn't yielded away from the smell, it was pretty detestable. But then distinctly the hazelnut comes, and it dominates, and then it becomes more chocolatey, the taste has become suddenly much nicer. This gianduja was chocolate rich, and out of the three bars was the most 'indulgent' (despite the foul introduction) 

Overall, I wasn't so hot on these Amedei chocolates, which is a shame because Amedei are hot in the chocolate world. I recommend Amedei's origin and single bean bars

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  1. Indeed.

    This "for you" line is part of what Amedei rolled into foreign (= non-Italian) markets, when they started being under financial strain (the company was sold twice in the last 2 years, and found Cecilia Tessieri now owns a merely symbolic 1% share).

    Quality is very far from the actual Toscano Black line.