Sunday, 17 May 2015

Chocolaterie A.Morin Dominican Republic

A traditional, family run, craft chocolate business in Donzère since 1884. A.Morin direct source their cacao and in their bars/bonbons will often use ingredients grown in their orchard (almonds, hazelnuts, cherries). Surprisingly, the name "Morin" may elicit a blank face in the new wave chocolate scene (too traditional? *wink*), but they do tend to only make to order, so the ones buying it would be private companies in bulk, who then sell individual bars to the public (i.e Cocoa Runners)

Along with the Dominican Republic cacao was sugar, cocoa butter and soya lecithin: all together manifesting a 63% chocolate bar
The aroma was fruity, blackcurrant bud, spiced, earthed, butter, citrus

The taste was fruity, very sweet, sparkling acidity: pineapple, chocolate, greenish: avocado mousse with nibs (2 days later I make avocado mousse, ha!), tartness: black currant/blackberries/raspberry
The finish had a fairly tannic hint; but overall, a really enjoyable chocolate - not so complex, just so delicious. Understandably, this may be too sweet for those accustomed to expressive and real dark chocolate, but I loved it. The remnants and scrunched up foil wrapping after the chocolate had finished, as I laid in bed, smelt super wonderful

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