Saturday, 25 April 2015

Dick Taylor 74% Dominican, Finca Elvesia

Despite the Dominican Republic being the most visited destination in the Caribbean, having recently discovered my predilection for its cocoa, going there and doing what the DR people do seems (arbitrarily) a must!

Just organic cacao (from Elvesia plantation) and organic cane sugar. Dick Taylor, finally. Winners of 5 Academy of Chocolate awards this year, one for their packaging but none for this Dominican bar, their chocolate, in all its beauty, has interested me for a long while now. So finally, I have a bar!
The aroma was chocolate ice cream, fruity (red), tobacco, vanilla, earthy. It was possible to find distinct cherry and acidity

The taste started as tea, with tannins and fairly bitter. [melodramatic pause] Fruits and sweetness builds up. This was a slow emergence; you know, if it were a piece of drama - brilliant, but as a piece of chocolate - it was 'bitter' for too long. The fruits (cherry) reached an epic climax and it's this bright acidity, which then dissolves, leaving a coffee and tea leaf (bitter, tannic) finish
Overall this Dominican was fruity, roasted and grassy. It was pretty fun that Oreo™ was in the aroma and taste. From the DR to California to the 57g bar in my hands, this cost £7.95 (Cocoa Runners) and apart from the bitter aspect, which dominated the length, I thoroughly enjoyed its bright cherry profile (lovely acidity) and actually the chocolate confection (i.e ice cream, biscuit) too was enjoyable

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