Monday, 16 March 2015

Zotter Mitzi Blue Coffee-Malt

"Oh wow" was my brother's and my reaction to this chocolate, we knew it was good

This was a coffee milk chocolate disk with a grain coffee (substitute coffee: rye, chicory, barley, acorns & figs) 'Mini Mitzi' lighter coloured disk! All ingredients (but salt) were organic and the cocoa, raw cane & whole cane sugar, and the real coffees were Fairtrade
The smell was creamy cappuccino, mocha and so dreamy. And the Mini disk had a malted touch, slightly artificial on the coffee spectrum, it had me thinking of Ovaltine

The taste was creamy, mocha, a rush of caramel. Again, it was so dreamy. The Mini Mitzi (smaller disk) tasted of cinnamon and gingerbread with malt and caramel. Going from the Mini grain coffee disk to the coffee chocolate brought bitterness to the palate

Although I only chewed this chocolate, its texture was smooth and the Mini was softer
I am a Zotter enthusiast, I love his bean-to-bar, fun, organic chocolate! I thought this chocolate was so relaxing and the cinnamon made it so warm. The grain coffee chocolate was inferior to the real coffee chocolate, but it still was lovely

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  1. This sounds wonderful, especially the smaller disk with the warmer flavours.