Friday, 6 March 2015

Tobago Estate 70%

^image from Cocoa Runners^
Cocoa beans from the Tobago Cocoa Estate W.I. Ltd are sent to Pralus (Lyon, France) who then adds unrefined cane sugar, cocoa butter and GMO-free soy lecithin to craft in "small batches" this chocolate. It is a reasonably expensive bar - £7.95 for 100g - with a very limited distribution! Check Cocoa Runners, though now as Cocoa Runners are offering a different harvest, this may mean my review may not be completely reliable as I think the chocolate I have is the 7th/2013 harvest from the Tobago Cocoa Estate (it won 2 stars from Great Taste 2013 and Academy of Silver 2013)
The aroma was unusual, like really sweet pee, over-ripe tropical juices (distinctly pineapple) and spicy chilli accompanied with leather, blackberry, toastiness and malt 
The texture in the mouth was smooth like butter. The taste was toasted, wood (oak) then boom: whisky. There was cocoa, a rich creaminess, spice, green banana, brown sugar, pineapple (without the acidity). Not bad - but there was a taste of soy, specifically soy sauce, which isn't something I want in chocolate. There was a spiced sensation on the tongue (enhancing the whisky and chilli vibe) but overall it was incredibly creamy

I know a guy who thought this chocolate (of this harvest) was excellent, like quite literally unbeatable. It's a shame I didn't feel quite the same as he did ...

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