Sunday, 22 February 2015

Willie's Cacao Madagascan Gold Sambirano 71

Another chocolate made from Sambirano cacao. First with Domori and then with this, and also being able to taste the Rózsavölgyi and The Chocolate Tree again, it is proving to be some product development research for me (but really, actually heartening to find that I make chocolate that I love)
The aroma had me in a forest, it was toast, spice: cracked pepper, chilli; prune, forest fruits, orange blossom, wood shavings, malt, tree sap, Marmite. The wooded profile dominated the fruitiness (and bare in mind it wasn't greatly fruity)

On the tongue was a juicy acidity, with firstly a heavy roast but then berries rounding it: strawberry. There was also pineapple, the occasional sour hit (loved!) and raisin

The finish was slightly bitter and with some astringency
Tasting again right after the Sambirano chocolate I made: it was alkalised cocoa and wood. But once my mouth became more familiar again, there came the acidity and fruits

It is good chocolate with great acidity (think raspberry and sour cherry!), though I was not so hot on the earthed/wood profile. And it's just SO roasted 

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