Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Moser Roth Finest Dark Chocolate 70%

Dark brown in colour, delicate to hold and with a shiny, smooth surface; this is Aldi's Moser Roth 70% dark chocolate

The aroma was strong cocoa, with a creaminess which made me to double check if it had slyly included milk solids within (it hadn't). A dark vanilla was noted along with a light nutty and woody scent

The 70% had a clear snap and a heavy cocoa taste. It felt as if the sugar was appearing in short intervals, overall leading to a very sweet taste, however the dominating cocoa flavour was the finish; along with subtle earthy tone

Straight away I noticed that chalky texture similar of the Moser Roth 85%However, the texture was very smooth and had a long melt

Unlike the 85%, this did not have added 'fat reduced cocoa powder' which could be an explanation for the more depth in aroma and better taste it had compared

Paying £1.09 for 125g of a supermarket's premium chocolate, it really isn't bad

The chocolate develops in flavour, but it's not as dynamic as dark chocolate can and should be. There was light acidity giving it a mellowed taste which exhibited the blunter cocoa flavour. Saying this, the chocolate didn't really taste bitter with it's sugar/vanilla sweetness being rather pleasant and sweet. I do feel inclined to use this chocolate for baking because the taste is good but not good enough for me to want to eat regularly

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