Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Divine Milk Chocolate

Divine take pride in their ethical ways, with their cocoa grown in Ghana, specifically by the Kuapa Kokoo co-operative who own 45% of the Fairtrade company. Across Divine's range, they never fail with their choice of colours upon their beautiful patterned designs. This brown and gold really made me feel as if this chocolate was going to be rich and creamy; I HAD to buy it... excellent marketing

The milk chocolate smelt reasonably creamy and a little earthy, hinting of burnt vanilla. I liked it, but not at first as my initial thought was that it lacked, an expected, depth of rich cocoa; but saying this it was just of 27% cocoa solids. [bean strain Amelonado]

It seems such a shame that the taste disappointed me. I assumed that the use of good quality ingredients from Divine, would lead me to a superb taste... but sadly not. There really was nothing special about it, and it's upsetting to say but I likened it to cheap chocolate. I was expecting complexity in flavour with Divine. The cocoa being African sounds likely to be responsible for the lack of flavour 

It had a good long, smooth melt though. Oh and the aesthetics from the packaging to the chocolate itself were admired. This was my first time trying Divine, and possibly my last. Wait, that seems too hasty, maybe I just need to try Divine chocolate again

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