Sunday, 2 October 2016

Fruition 100%

Fruition handcraft their chocolate in Shokan, New York. They are one of the major and early chocolate makers, in the world of craft chocolate that is. They are probably responsible for other makers existing, probably ...

... Craft chocolate is captivating and inspiring

This 100% is a blend of Dominican Republic and Peruvian cacao. The particular bar I had was of batch #4, such an early batch meaning probably made a few years back

The aroma was wood, oak cask. The taste was cocoa, wood, lots of wood, raspberry, sweetness, raisin, eccles cake. Each piece highlighted different flavours. Once, unfavourably, I found it to be very bitter and mainly just cocoa. Although my first and general views on this 100% was that it wasn't bitter

This was a smooth 100%, a minimally drying feel on the tongue, although a little tight in the finish. The flavour in the finish was black tea, seriously black tea

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