Sunday, 25 September 2016

Olivia Chocolat 76% & Maple

Olivia Chocolat is a chocolate maker in Quebec, Canada. The chocolate is made with fairtrade, organic Peruvian cacao, said to be "Criollo"

bloomed from excessive heat, my bad
The 76% dark chocolate had won silver in the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2011. It had a general 'fruity & nutty' flavour. Throughout it tasted overly acidic, with herbs, carob and bitterness. I thought of it to be pretty off-beat

The ingredients are cocoa beans, sugar cane, cocoa butter, vanilla beans, non-GMO sunflower lecithin - all organic
The Maple variety was the 76% dark chocolate with added maple sugar (and 'natural flavour'). It had the same flavour profile as above, but offered a richness of maple syrup. This chocolate managed to highlight a more tannic feel and taste and green notes (unripeness, grass...)

In life, I love maple syrup. It's all natural, less refined than most sugars, and tastes so good!