Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Pump Street Bakery Eccles

Opening up the bag, it was the smell of pizza, with fresh basil. This, the Eccles bar, is one of four in the bread and chocolate series from Pump Street Bakery. The other three are Rye, Sourdough, and Bread & Butter

This Eccles chocolate is an Ecuadorian 55% dark chocolate (cacao from Hacienda Limon, 2015 harvest) with Pump Street's renowned eccles cake. The puff pastry eccles cake are made from flour, butter, brown sugar, Voztizza currants, raisins, Armagnac (brandy), nutmeg and cinnamon
The aroma of the chocolate was dried fruit (not so much raisins), brandy, fruitcake, Christmas. The taste was pretty similar. You get the Ecuadorian chocolate, which adds a cocoa intensity. It was fruitcake, with the icing, and dark chocolate chunks inside. It was also puff pastry mince pies. Ya, a whole lot of Christmas going on ... 
Great chocolate. Pump Street are amazing chocolate makers

I picked up this bar in Liberty London as soon as Pump Street Bakery shared on their Instagram this new limited edition bar! They said that Liberty was the only place, other than Pump Street themselves, that stocked it. Each month there will only be 200 bars made. It is £6.25 if bought from Pump Street, or £6.95 from Liberty on Regent Street. The bar also won silver at this years Academy of Chocolate, I do remember tasting it ... 

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