Sunday, 1 May 2016

Cacaosuyo Lakuna 70%

Cacaosuyo are award-winning Peruvian chocolate makers using Peruvian cacao. They have a few different bars in their range, each being made with Lakuna or Piura cacao

Cacaosuyo use solely cocoa mass and sugar, no added cocoa butter (apart from their milk bars). This 70% Lakuna chocolate won 2 silver awards in the International Chocolate Awards 2014. However, when it comes to chocolate like this, flavour reflects each cacao harvest, so what it tasted like in 2014 doesn't necessarily mean it will have the same flavour profile two years later (similar, but not the same)
An aroma of vanilla, leather, green and metallic notes. The taste started tannic, developing into liquorice, clove, vanilla, pepper, root beer, cola and Dr Pepper®

The Lakuna was much like the Piura Select (which is my absolute favourite), but it wasn't as "rough minded". I felt as if the Lakuna beans had more fat than the Piura, and overall it was a lot softer than the Piura

Cacaosuyo, you are incredible


  1. Did you get this in Marks & Spencer? I noticed a similar bar there recently but was a bit put off by the price!

    1. I did haha! But no seriously, the price is phenomenal - it usually retails at around £8, and it's worth that!