Thursday, 17 March 2016

Zotter Handscooped Walnut-Marzipan

Zotter makes 365 different chocolate bars in Austria, all using his own made chocolate, all organic, all fair-trade. In regards to the flavours of those 365 bars, some are classics, others more innovative. Zotter's single origin bean-to-bar range, named Labooko, is one I am particularly familiar with. Then there's Zotter's Hand-scooped range ... so many bars are oh so tempting, and few greatly experimental; think 'blood' 'artificial fertiliser' or cheese as flavours in chocolate

The Hand-scooped is quite the iconic range. And one evening, I had the temptation of walnut and marzipan

An aroma of chocolate biscuits and Italian amaretti biscuits. The look and feel reminded me of Penguin chocolate-biscuit bars. The taste was of biscuits, and the texture, with its prominent crispy bits. The crispiness was from the walnuts, of which had been caramelised and blitzed and mixed into the marzipan. Suddenly comes the attention-grabbing marzipan flavour

Of course there's amaretti/amaretto vibes, of course. The rum within gave bitterness, a bitterness that worked so well with all the flavours
The chocolate coating was so creamy, it's Zotter's dark-Mountain-milk chocolate. The ganache layer was gianduja-like, maybe because of the overall nutty flavours. My last bite I had a tiny speck of salt, and it gave a refreshment after such richness!

It all just worked, so well, so well indeed

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