Saturday, 27 December 2014

Domori Javablond

Without added vanilla nor cocoa butter, we get purity with Domori: just cacao nibs and cane sugar. I am not one for Java/Indonesia cacao, and at this 70% I wasn't sure how I would fare. However, the name Javablond and seeing Criollo suggested a delicate approach 
The blond in the name referred to the lighter coloured Criollo cacao, of which Domori had sourced from east Java. And the chocolate was a very light brown, compared to say Domori's Arriba

The aroma was intensely chocolate, with rubber at the very back. But what was more powerful than rubber was the floral and citrus orange, which was unexpected of Java! 

I couldn't help but compare the aroma to Omnom's Madagascar. The Javablond was more chocolatey, but they really weren't that different. I was very impressed
The taste was more captivating. It opened very chocolatey and then in with a vibrant red fruit. The smokiness of Javanese cacao was only sensed at the very end. There was the occasional distinct touch of hazelnut. The chocolatey taste was so dominant and had a bright acidity to liven it up

The texture was phenomenal: exceptionally smooth. The cacao gave a slight astringent feel 

I really enjoyed this chocolate. It was like a tamed Madagascar 

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