Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Dark Sugars Chocolate Selection

Dark Sugars was jam packed, even on the Sunday, but that's the charm of Brick Lane. It's a street defined by diverse cultures, street food, antique, arty markets, vintage shops, cafés, cupcakes, bagels; it's no surprise a chocolate shop, as hip as this, would attract a crowd. The atmosphere in the shop was buzzing, with the smell of chocolate and the old school hip hop playing, it felt real cool. But it was difficult to stay focused. I cannot believe I didn't pick up a cherry chocolate or a caramel or the cognac truffle, and did I miss the Infused Havana Tobacco truffle? Hey - there's always next time!
Putting a cocoa dusted truffle in with a bag of white chocolates? School boy error. But I guess it's not about how they look, rather how they taste! It was £7 for 100g, and with 6 chocolates in my bag it came to just £4.90

The White Chocolate Nutmeg truffle. The nutmeg spice was potent and the enrobed white chocolate added such a sweet creaminess. It totally worked and had an aromatic flavour. Though I bet I'd have liked cinnamon even more

Coffee & Walnut truffle. There were tiny pieces of walnut which unexpectedly had such a powerful flavour, their wood-like taste being more distinct than the coffee. The texture of the truffle ganache was chewy. The coffee flavour finished the truffle. It's a classic combination and the shape was interesting

The Passionfruit tasted better than I managed to capture it. It had a sweet and sour passionfruit jelly centre, then after that disappeared the white chocolate came in so sweetly. It was pretty good

The Strawberry & White Chocolate tasted sweet and very creamy. It reminded me of a good strawberry white chocolate I've had before. It's another classic, fairly simple
The Nougat Milk wasn't what I thought it'd be like. The nougat being harder and nuttier than I imagined. It was very sweet, chewy and I thought a little spiced. It took a while for me to enjoy, but it was rather interesting

The Limoncello was a truffle too, and like the Nutmeg had been enrobed in white chocolate. I loved it. I don't usually like citrus with dark chocolate, but having the creamy white chocolate made it so good. The Sicilian lemon liqueur was zesty and sweet

I look forward to going to Dark Sugars again, maybe the atmosphere in the evening would be even better

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