Friday, 15 August 2014

Zotter Labooko Milk Santo Domingo 40%

This Zotter chocolate had a healthy cocoa % for milk chocolate. It had a considerably high cocoa butter ratio, with the Santo Domingo cocoa being less than 21% which overall suggested a weaker cocoa/chocolate flavour one would expect from a 40%

The milk chocolate contained salt and vanilla. All ingredients, but salt, were organic and majority were Fairtrade. The Hispaniola beans were noted, by Zotter, to be "particularly mild" and had been mildly roasted with a short conche time

The chocolate smelt goood. It was incredibly creamy with a lime acidity. Cocoa and sweet caramel were also recognised. The flavour was similar. It was again immensely creamy, with a mild chocolate flavour which was then surpassed by a very distinctive milk, almost like sour milk (most likely the lime cutting through the heavy creaminess)

The chocolate had soft flavours, in particular a very soft chocolate flavour. The mild cocoa, mild roast and short conche are apparent. The texture in the mouth was smooth and had a clean chew (this is excellent with milk chocolate). The snap and texture was hard. The salt nor vanilla were tasted which simply showed that they were used to enhance the flavour of the chocolate, not to add flavour

Thank you Chocablog for this chocolate. For 70g (2x35g bars), this chocolate can be bought here for £3.95

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