Sunday, 10 August 2014

Cachet Vanuatu 44% Milk Chocolate

When it comes to origin chocolate, Cachet isn't anything special. In my eyes, the fact that they do not make their chocolate from the bean reduces its appeal. I guess if it's good cocoa, it's good cocoa. But in chocolate making, it's said that every step is the most important step and for Cachet to work from cocoa liquor simply seems like an attempt to keep up with the fashion, to attract those uninitiated in fine cocoa chocolate, stick an origin on the packaging and make consumers believe they're having fine cocoa chocolate

The cocoa of Vanuatu thrives in the nutritious volcanic soil, so experiencing Vanuatuan chocolate sounded more than interesting. However, with sugar being the first ingredient, the vanilla flavouring, the 20% milk solids, the generic cocoa butter (sitting second on the list), and only <20% Vanuatuan cocoa mass... I didn't think I'd quite experience Vanuatu chocolate how I'd have liked to

The aroma was predominately chocolate with a nuttiness, distinctly coconut. The taste was chocolate with a caramel sweetness. Straight away there was a taste of salt, as if it was salted caramel - I found this in Cachet's Madagascar milk chocolate too. The sugar was felt on the back of the tongue which was slightly off-putting, but the smooth melt and salted touch made up for it

This was by all means no superior high cocoa milk chocolate, but it certainly was of a higher quality milk chocolate than what you can find in most shops and supermarkets. With a price of £1.49 (TK Maxx), if I was none the wiser, I would be far from disappointed. But, as a single origin chocolate, with less than 10% giving way to the flavour of the Vanuatuan cocoa...although it tasted nice, I am disappointed 

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  1. I find most of Cachet's chocolates to be rather poor. Interesting thing is that they make a pear and almond bar that is exactly the same as Elizabeth Shaw's...I think they must produce for them.