Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Lindt Excellence A Touch of Sea Salt

I'm ashamed to say it, but this was my first time trying salt in chocolate

Lindt's salted dark chocolate was of 47% cocoa solids with a minuscule 0.3% fleur de sel (sea salt)

I love Lindt Excellence's cardboard sleeve packaging and the design upon it. The contrast of dark colours against the white looks sharp, elegant and impressive

This dark chocolate wasn't as intense as some of the Lindt Excellence chocolates, i.e. 70-99%. I liked the fact that it was only of 47% as it could do wonders for a sweet craving without having to revert to milk chocolate. However, butterfat being enlisted on the ingredients may make this a milk chocolate

The aroma wasn't as potent as the higher cocoa percentages of Lindt. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but I much prefer my chocolate to have an intense and intricate aroma to allow for a dynamic experience (as they say you taste predominately with your nose)

The salt crystals within accumulate and accentuate the sweetness of the chocolate allowing itself (the salt) to delicately come through, resulting in a subtle savouriness against a dominating sweetness. When taking the first bite I didn't notice the salt, but then it softly touched me quite suddenly. The feel of the crystals were what really made this chocolate live up to Lindt's prestige. The best way to experience the salt crystal texture is by allowing the chocolate to melt slightly (or completely), and feel them with your tongue and then bite

Overall, the salt flavour wasn't as clear cut and defined as I was expecting, but the chocolate resulted in a flavour that was delightfully enhanced by the sea salt which I really enjoyed. This bar was certainly made sweeter by the touches of salt. I would recommend this bar for sure! However, i'm not completely satisfied that this bar is dark chocolate, with that butterfat included... but never mind, I liked it nonetheless

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