Sunday, 19 January 2014

Green & Black's Mint

image: Tesco
The pungent mint aroma was far from overwhelming and rather beautiful. The subtle darkness of the cocoa really complemented the mint (& vice versa)

This chocolate wasn't as dynamic as it could have been but the peppermint oil did have a fresh, cool and potent flavour. It wasn't bitter, nor was it as dark tasting as the Burnt Toffee, both of 60% cocoa solids. Once you get into the depth of the melt it opens up an undeniable sweetness. Peppermint flowers naturally have lots of nectar, so it almost felt as if there should have been notes of honey in there (i'm only saying that because of bees collecting nectar to make into honey), this just my arbitrary thought

The texture of the melt, like all Green & Black's chocolate, was slightly disappointing. That's the only thing that really let down this chocolate, otherwise I really enjoyed it

I would never go out of my way to have a mint chocolate, but I'm glad I did with this Green & Black's as it reminded me of my love for mint. I have my own mint bush that comes alive in spring

Again, the use of Fairtrade and organic ingredients makes me highly praise Green & Black's chocolate

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