Thursday, 5 December 2013

Green & Black's Dark Chocolate 85%

*update* this was my first ever chocolate tasting

Breaking off a piece of this chocolate proved difficult, slowly losing my patience, I eventually saw the delicate ripples on the chocolate where it finally snapped. The surface was smooth and shiny, which I believe is due to the cocoa butter being properly crystallised (during tempering)

The aroma of this 85% was incredible. I closed my eyes whilst smelling; mentally seeking through my index of smells. Oh how sweet this chocolate was to the nose. I begun sensing fruity elements: hints of cherry and plum

The taste of this Green & Black's straight away presented me with a bitter kick, in a mild and elegant way of course. Firstly there was an earthy background, with light hints of tobacco and espresso but after it begun to melt on my tongue I was pleasantly surprised with its sudden sweetness; the Madagascan vanilla and sugar exposing themselves. I really wasn't expecting that transition, the evolving flavour truly was something beautiful to experience

A harmonious journey I've been taken on by Green & Black's 85% cocoa. All the different flavours revealing themselves one after another

I do, of course, recommend this bar...but only to those who can really appreciate intensely dark chocolate. When eating this bar, I want you to take it slowly and experience each and every sensation it has to offer

The fact that Green & Black's is all organically sourced and fairtrade is just a bonus, and not the real selling point of this bar... no, the selling point is definitely the chocolate itself


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