Saturday, 4 October 2014

Danucci Dark Chocolate Assortment

Ferdia, formerly known as Danucci, are Irish chocolatiers, creating supposedly the finest chocolates in Ireland. The chocolates are not fresh but the idea of them being handmade is what made me to buy them, and I couldn't resist a little black box from "artisan chocolatiers"

Danucci (I prefer this name) use Valrhona chocolate which, because of its superior quality, has preference from chocolatiers, patissiers and those who know good chocolate. Danucci craft their chocolates with their own specially blended couverture

I didn't think the Rustic Praline was nutty enough, and its texture was quite crumbly and biscuity. My first impressions were that the chocolate coating had a brittle texture, dominated the flavour and that the base was too thick. The Piedmontese hazelnuts came through more towards the end and likewise with the softer Viennese almonds, but the whole praline flavour remained very subtle

This Raspberry Ganache won a Great Taste Award, and rightly so as I thought the ganache had a great flavour with a smooth, soft texture. However I did again think the chocolate coating was too thick and I would've liked more filling

The Brandy & Fig Truffle had that rum and raisin vibe which is naturally a beautiful flavour. The fig was subtle but distinct with its seedy texture. The Sea Salt Caramel was quite funny tasting. It was nutty and a dark treacle, which sounds great, but there was just something unsatisfying in it. It's also won a Great Taste Award, but I'm not convinced

For each chocolate I noticed how thick the chocolate coatings were which would wrongly distract from the fillings. In the box was also a thin placquette of the 70% couverture, though slightly tainted, it tasted very nice and was of an ideal thickness. It's a shame I wasn't enthused by these chocolates

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