Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Theo Sea Salt Dark 70%

Theo are an American bean-to-bar company, based in Seattle, who source their cocoa beans from Congo, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Panama and Ecuador, and all of which are Organic, Fairtrade and Fair For Life. This Sea Salt bar was designed to help provide those in rural Africa with locally assembled WBR bicycles

This 70% dark chocolate was made from cocoa beans*+, sugar*+, cocoa butter*+, sea salt, and vanilla* (*organic, +Fairtrade). 

The surface was unexpected with light specks indicating the salt. Also, the salt was wet and quite sticky to touch, and had seeped onto the paper packaging leaving unattractive marks. This couldn't possibly have been Theo's intention. Though I am no chemist, the salt had most likely absorbed moisture and I think if I was to have another bar it wouldn't be like this

The aroma was predominately vanilla with subtle cocoa and a nice roast. On the tongue the salt was initiated right away, making it taste all too sweet a little too quickly. I liked when physically touching the salt as it had a potent and clear flavour. The finish was a rich hot chocolate

The chocolate had a smooth, long melt; however, because it was heavily salted, it seemed like the melt was the means to endure that salty flavour. It's a shame when salt affects the whole chocolate taste like so, it really is "a little goes a long way". I never want salty chocolate, I want salt to burst in and disappear just as abruptly, without leaving a single trace. I think a nut with this chocolate would have cut through the sweetness and helped balance the flavour or, simply, less salt

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